Making Decisions

Making decisions large or small can be over whelming and can actually shut down the very portion of your brain you need the decision to come from.  When we are in a reactive mode, the decision is made from the emotional brain under the body’s natural fight/flight response. Although every decision may not require a full analysis of the pro’s and con’s with a full examination of all of the possible the consequences of my actions, I found that taking a moment to breathe and check in with how my body feels may be all the time that I need to take action and move forward with my decision.  On some level, even deciding not to decide is a decision.

Talk out your decision if it helps to get additional perspective’s or if the person is in a position to help you reach your goal. One of the ways I know I am on the right track is how I share my decision.  I find that if I have the desire to keep talking about my decision and the impact that making it or not making it has then it is likely that I am still “undecided”.  If on the other hand, I share my decision in a matter of fact manner without the need to explain or justify my actions, it is likely that my decision has been made and I am merely sharing the details of my decision.  If I find that I am overly excited or animated, I take a moment to reflect on if I am being pulled or pushed.  By that I mean that I ponder what is making this decision for me?  I am I drawn towards the action/decision because of the prospects of the new activity such as a new job with better pay and opportunities for growth or am I being pushed by a strong desire to leave where I am at, such as a job I am not happy in or relationship that is toxic.

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