Day 40: Keeping On Track

Diary of a Twenty Something Time Traveller

After Wednesday, another day of writing followed, and then another. My evenings tapping away at the keyboard began to stretch further into the night.

I was still awake in the early hours of this morning, this time not deliberately. I was getting frustrated with lieing wakeful, when I had a brilliant idea for a project I’m working on. After scribbling it down, I attempted to sleep, again.

And again, it didn’t happen. Instead I made another discovery. I opened Netflix for some mindless viewing, and stumbled on a brilliant TED video.

I want to post it here, because I think the conclusion Jane McGonigal reaches encapsulates the lessons I am beginning to learn on this blog.

To summarise, Jane identifies four forms of resilience which – when strengthened – will help you overcome obstacles and problems you encounter in your life.

  1. Physical resilience – you’re body can overcome more stress…

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