Body Language and the Art of Power Posing

Communication in Professional Contexts

Discussions in COMM11003 Term 1, 2015

In week one we spoke about communication in relation to human interaction and the various ways we do it. I particularly found body language an interesting concept. It can be defined as ‘the physical behavior of our bodies – eye contact, posture, gesture, and orientation. (Eunsun 2012 p.256)

Different researches proved that just over half of what you communicate to someone is through the silent transaction that is body language. 55% to be exact. This prompted me to be conscious of the body language I was presenting. What I relay via my person: namely the way I was standing, my posture, my facial expression, and the way I moved my body is all a valid channel of communication.

In a study conducted by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, people were instructed to alter their body language by posing in a high power stance (fig 1…

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