Some of my favorite products and services!

Detox Program from the most amazing health coach Terri Ingraham.  Sugar Free Glow.

Case De Luz– One of my favorite places to eat.  Healthy classes as well.

I just started wearing a Negative Ion pendant. It defuses the electro-magnetic pollution that were are subjected to daily.   The products are amazing.  I’m still not sure how it all works exactly.  My dog is wearing a Negative Ion dog collar and her arthritis and stiffness are almost gone. She is a 12 year old lab running around like a pup.  I have so much more endurance since I started wearing my pendant.  I feel calmer and more focused as well.  I get my products from  (www.QuantumPerformanceUSA.com).  The owner Tara runs her business with such a personal touch that it just makes doing business with her something to look forward to.  Keep an eye on her website, she is going to add articles regarding how the products are embedded.

My favorite yoga is Bikram.  The company Pure has several locations around town. http://www.purebikramyoga.com

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