Healthy Business

Healthy Eating:


Confidence building For kids:

  • The purpose of I Project Confidence first and foremost is teaching kids to trust their instincts.  The programs promote self worth and teach kids the value and importance of place in family and community.  The lessons focus on Intuition, Indicators and Instincts. You can find out more about the program by visiting her website using the hyperlink above or you can follow Deborah on her twitter account.

 Greenling is an online grocery store specializing in home delivery of local and certified-organic food. 

Farmers Market:

Sunday Market

Hope Farmers Market

Plaza Saltillo
East 5th and Comal
412 Comal Street
Austin, TX 78702
Every Sunday 11-3


The Natural Gardener Austin

8648 Old Bee Caves Road.

 Gardens you can eat.  Yard Farm Austin

2 thoughts on “Healthy Business

  1. This is related to a product I described in my favorites.

    My Dear Joyce,

    I’m so impressed with what you are doing for your community. As I see it, you are actually Creating a Community around the most important part of our lives, which is our health. Without our health not much else is going to work, no matter how hard we try. So, More Power to you and Thank You for your contribution.

    I am very touched by your comment about Quantum Tech USA (that’s the Company’s name), as well as by what you said about me; so kind of you and thank you again.

    The testimonials about your own heightened endurance and the positive effect the collar has on your arthritic dog are wonderful! Can I add those to my web site? (

    Not everyone understands the term Scalar Energy, though before long we will have some articles published on our website regarding this amazing property embedded in our products. We find that it’s easier to talk about Negative Ions and how they defuse electro-magnetic pollution, to which we are subjected almost at all times. Most people to whom we get the opportunity to demonstrate our products, do understand that, and are willing to give them a try.

    Love and Blessings,

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