Energy Work

Energetic Healing:

Sioux started her path of Shamanic work at the age of 16. She is a practitioner and instructor of Divine Intervention, Light Language, The Quickening, and other shamanic teachings. A strong interest in Art Therapy led her to obtain a degree in Psychology from New York State University at Buffalo and a degree in Commercial Design from The Colorado Institute of Art.  She is an international speaker and visionary artist who is known worldwide for her totem paintings.

Both my husband and I have a totem portrait from Sioux.  It is so much more than beautiful artwork.  Once your portrait is done, Sioux gives a reading about your animal totems and their characteristics.  When you can see all aspects of the animal, you can gain better perspective about yourself.  The portrait is a personal tool that will speak to you and provide positive, healthy guidance.  Check out some of her portraits at Heart & Soul.

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