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Vibrational Healing

November 11, 2013                                                                                                                                                                  By Joyce Kostakis

It can be argued that everything has a frequency or vibration, even our emotions.  We hear it all the time, the room was charged with energy. You could cut the tension with a knife. On some level we have all experienced tapping into an emotional space.  Imagine having a heightened sensitivity to this type of vibration.  It can be overwhelming as Kelly Childers, a local empath, can attest. Kelly is extremely sensitive to these energetic frequencies which allows him to feel a person’s energetic vibrations giving him a true sense of their emotions and feelings, even if their words may be telling a different story.  He is skilled at sensing the deeper core issue and can gently and compassionately help his clients arrive at their own truth.  He bears witness to their insights and unfolding and holds a safe place for his clients to express their desires or concerns.

This wasn’t always the case Kelly shared. “When I was growing up it was very hard for me to be around people. I wasn’t able to distinguish my energy from theirs. It was all mixed up together. I think kids have a hard enough time dealing with their own emotions, but when you’re being slammed with everyone else’s at the same time, it’s totally overwhelming. I would feel anxious and fearful all the time. I ended up withdrawing from everyone and isolating myself as a way to cope with this.” For a long time he took this approach.  He even thought that something was structurally wrong with his brain, and that this panic was going to haunt him for his entire life.

Slowly as he has gotten into spiritually, he has learned how to observe and distinguish his emotions from those around him.  As he continued to grow he recognized he was blessed with a gift that could help others come to their own truths in a safe, protected and divinely guided space.  

The other side of Kelly, that seemed to be in direct opposition to this, is his analytical mind. He’s always been drawn to computers, and currently works as a software developer. He didn’t realize it at the time, but actually started combining these two skill sets in his first job out of college as a software support representative. As an empath he could dive into his client’s world and really understand where they were coming from, then use his analytical abilities to find the best solution to their problems. “When I would talk to these people it felt like I could reach through the phone and really connect with them. At first it might seem like I was just helping them with simple software problems, but by the end of the call it had turned into a form of energy healing. I would sometimes get teary eyed after hanging up because it felt like I had really helped that person at a deep emotional level.”

Years later he would receive his first buffing massage at a bed and breakfast retreat center built into the hills around Lake Buchanan. The woman that ran the retreat was a massage therapist. Kelly explained her technique was to begin the session with a traditional hands-on massage and then end it with a power tool. Her tool of choice was an orbital car buffer.  He said the experience was liberating.  “I usually kept things bottled up.  My cards were kept close to my chest, contained and safe”.   “During that buffing it got to be so intense that I could no longer keep everything under control. I had to trust the woman and let go.  The instant I did this I had a huge shift in my body and had an emotional awakening.”  The therapist told him about a workshop in Houston.  Kelly said “It was an easy decision to explore more. It was such a cool experience.”  He went to the workshop.  “You give and receive during these workshops. You get to experience both sides. Receiving a buffing for me is like rebooting a computer.  Consciousness slowly drifts out and I’m in a clear space.  I’m floating. I completely release and then slowly sink back into the structure that I was in before.  I can watch parts of myself come back online but I have a different perspective of it.  I am outside of all of these constraints. They don’t clinch back as tightly as before.”

Kelly took what he had learned through his time in support and combined it with this new buffing technique to create a healing modality that is like no other

Kelly’s approach to buffing goes beyond merely working on the physical body.  He is protective of his clients experience and structures each session by creating a safe and secure space for the client to dive into the experience with no worries. He describes it as “almost feeling like a parent protecting a child”.   Kelly explains “when I’m creating this space the person receiving the buffing feels like they have a partner who is going through this experience with them. Having this supportive space can really help the process unfold naturally, without a lot of resistance.”  For those that are not ready to let go, the session is still beneficial.  Buffing doesn’t force you out or give you an experience you are not ready for.  The client makes the decision as to how the session will unfold.

Kelly’s sessions begin with the client addressing a stuck pattern they are trying to release, or get a different perspective on. It could be an issue at work, trouble in a relationship, or a new business venture. Kelly is easily able to understand their perspective and then slowly help them see it from a broader point of view. He can help remove the emotion around a decision so they can see what’s truly underlying it. This helps them examine the present and future impact with a clear head. Kelly doesn’t tell his clients what decision is best. Insights as to which direction to take come from directly from the client.  At the end of this analysis they set an intention and the buffing session begins.

One difference with buffing versus traditional emotional release work is that there is not a lot shared during the buffing session as both the client and the practitioner remain silent. The nature of the experience is non verbal and the range of experience is wide.  As an empath Kelly is aware when something is released or processed without the client having to share.  He said “it is awesome to witness and facilitate this.” The client does not have to talk about the experience being released and does not have to relive it.   They may not even have an awareness that they have released a specific event. They may simply recognize a shift and feel like a weight has been lifted without having to analyze the process.  Although sharing is not required, Kelly welcomes any insights the client wants to share after the session.  He explains “talking about your experience afterwards can help really lock in the intent you took before the buffing. It firmly sets you on that new path, so when you walk out the door it feels like you’re a new person. If you keep that bottled up it can be easier to drift back into your old patterns.”

Sessions can be scheduled via Kelly’s website at

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