Breath work can reduce stress!

I completed a Cranial Sacral Brain 3 class last weekend and was reminded how powerful breath work is.  We were asked to think about a stressful moment and then focus on the body to see where we felt the stress.  I worked with a difficult co-worker that was very moody.  You never knew how a meeting was going to turn out. Would the coworker scream at everyone or laugh?  It could go either way.

During the period I worked with this coworker I returned to meditation and breath work to deal with the stress.   After the coworker left the company, I stopped the practice.  

During the exercise I thought of my co-worker and was focusing on the stress I felt in my body when unconsciously out of habit during that stressful period, I took several deep breaths and immediately I felt all of my tension and stress leave.

I was shocked at how quickly I let go of the feelings that were being triggered by the exercise.   Taking a moment to focus on your breathing pulls you out of the emotional state and breaks you out of the cycle of stress.  More importantly it allows your brain to engage giving you time to choose how you will react versus being reactive.  Breathing is your friend.  There are several websites that an assist with technique as well as meet-up groups where you can practice with others.